Question Answer
1 How long does the battery last on my eBike?

Minimum 400 full charging cycles to get to 80% of the original capacity.

Battery life depends on various indeterminable factors such as environmental, storage and usage conditions.

2 Can I charge the battery at any time and do I need to charge it fully?

Yes, you can charge the battery at any time.

A full discharge or charge is not required every time. Charge the battery until full or to at least 4 LED lights on battery status indicator.

Batteries have 'memory' and must be fully discharged and charged on a regular basis to retain performance.

3 How do I use the charger? Only use LMTC chargers, these use a regular wall socket that steps the voltage to suit the battery. The charger light will change to green when the battery is fully charged
4 Do LMTC products work in the rain?

For safety reasons, it is not recommend to operate eBikes, eScooters, eSkateboards in the rain.

5 Are there weight limits for the rider?

We recommend riders up to a maximum of 90 kg. Note that speed and range will decrease with heavier riders. Each product has a recommended maximum rider weight.

Our performance figures are tested with a 70kg rider on a flat road

6 Where can I use my LMTC products?

eScooters and eSkateboards cannot be ridden on the road.

eBikes with less than 300W with pedal assist are legal to ride on the road, paths and cycle lanes.

Further information can be found at:

7 Can I ride my eBike on a hill?

LMTC products have powerful motors and high capacity batteries. You will be able to ride up a hill of 15% gradient without damage (similar to Queen Street in Auckland).

There are thermal cutouts on the battery and motor control to prevent damage.

When coming down hills, use the regenerative electrical brakes as well as the mechanical brakes.

8 Regulations are changing

Check out the latest strategy and investigation from the Land Transport Authority for light weight electric vehicles:




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Mechanical items are are covered by our warranty for a period of one year. Batteries, motors and electrical components for 3 months. Please protect your LMTC product carefully as water damage is not covered.