Folding Bikes

Electric bikes will change your life. They genuinely transform your lifestyle, help you become more active and stay healthy. eBikes are not like fad diets or a new gym membership that you stop using, they become part of your life, sustainable and continuing to provide you pleasure and health benefits over the long term.

There is nothing quite like the feeling of the extra boost and speed you get from an electric bike. Any eBike owner will tell you about the new-found freedom to get places you could only think about. The power assistance, additional to your own efforts, makes getting around on your eBike really enjoyable.

Folding eBikes provide you the opportunity to integrate with your existing car, metro, bus or mobile home. Small and compact so not to take up all the space yet providing you the same riding dynamics of a full sized bike. We have gone the extra mile and give you the lightest and best design possible.

20 inch wheels

Compact wheels offer the best performance in a small package. They are lighter, stronger, and allow for a compact folding envelope. They have allowed for freedom in the design of the frame shape to better suit how we use and interact with a bicycle in our everyday lives. The compact wheels mean you can easily fit in city living spaces, elevators or cars. Our 20" x 1.75" tires are suitable for road, seal, paths and gravel surfaces.

Adjustable and simple folding

We use a low step-through frame design with shapes that are smooth and easy to wipe clean. Our adjustable design will fit you, your family, or friends comfortably with the quick and easy. Leaving the wheels fitted you fold the frame, drop the seat post and fold the steering tube. Its the perfect storage and travelling companion, small enough to take to every event without sacrificing room for the dog and the case of wine. 

Pedal assist motor

We offer two options for power delivery, the robust integrated 250 W rear hub motor and the compact 200 W mid-mounted motor, both use the highest quality SHIMANO 9 speed gear components. Like a traditional bike you use the thumb trigger selectors to optimise the gearing. Electric drive is applied when you need it.

This pedal assist technology uses a torque sensor to monitor your own pedal input and provide the additional power when you need it. There are four power assist modes, gradually increasing the assistance.

Battery technology

eBike power is delivered from the motor options and the discharge capacity of the battery cell. The range of the eBike is provided from the capacity of the battery cells in the pack. This battery pack is arranged in packs of 10 cells (Ø18x65mm) to give the 36V output, individual cells are monitored using a BMS (Battery Management System) to give the best life.

The 36 Volt, 8.7 Amp hour battery is located behind the seatpost to give easy access. This is removable to carry to your charger location or for storage if you want to use the bike without the battery. The battery can also be charged when fitted in place on the frame.


The riding position and geometry is similar to a classic 700/27.5" bike. You will be pleasantly surprised with the maneuverability and performance of the series 20 Enabel eBikes. We have provided the best braking to match the performance, providing SHIMANO Hydraulic dick brakes on the front and rear wheels.

The rider weight limits are 95kg with optional larger frames up to 125kg and an upgraded 350W motor.

Carbon Fiber materials

Carbon fiber is not the magic art of yesteryear. We use the best materials to give the highest strength to weight ratio as well as allowing the most compact and flush folding frame design. Carbon fiber is the best material for folding bikes, providing the lightest portable design.




The 20M is a MID MOTOR folding bike. Having a balanced weight distribution to ensure the best performance and ride feeling. The latest in compact planetary gearbox and SHIMANO gearing and shifter technology.



The 20R is a REAR MOTOR folding bike. This utilises the same folding frame as the 20F to provide the lightweight and simple elegant folding mechanism. The rear motor is integrated into the wheel hub along with the SHIMANO gear cluster.



The 20F is a folding bike with NO electric drive system. This utilises the same frame as the rear motor 20R to give the ultimate in light weight folding bikes. 




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