Citybug eScooter

Quality and Reliability

CITYBUG is an award winning design, acknowledged for innovation and style. The eScooter is the best in the market, offering unparalleled reliability and build quality. 

Smarter Mobility

We have reinvented mobility – CITYBUG takes you wherever you want to go. The electric scooter accompanies you on your adventures in the urban jungle of the big city. It's perfect for commuting to and from work and just getting around.
The heart of the CITYBUG is a range of powerful electric drives that do all the hard legwork. Keep ahead of the traffic and enjoy your new found freedom!

Get on and go

Press the start button, kick off and away you go, up to 22 km/h. Just kick-start the CITYBUG with one foot - using our inbuilt safety feature, weight sensors ensure that there are no false starts. To speed up, use the thumb throttle with your right hand. 
Safety always comes first, CITYBUG models are equipped with two braking systems that work independently of each other:
  • The new supplementary 'Electric Assist Brake system' called E.A.B. can decelerate your CITYBUG gradually so you always have full control of the speed. This special brake is located on the rear motor of the scooter and slows down while providing regenerative braking to charge the battery.
  • The second method is the fender brake – a robust rear-wheel brake that you can operate with your foot to immediately bring your CITYBUG to a full halt in an emergency.

Urban Freedom

You will be astonished at the new hot locations you will discover with your sleek and elegant CITYBUG. Find cute cafés, hidden parks and long-forgotten pathways. All with no sweat and with the confidence of battery range, performance and reliability.

Performance plus

CITYBUG eScooters have two different motor and battery configurations. The 36 Volt SE offers optimised value and performance. The 48 Volt 2S is the high performance with the most speed, range and torque of any CITYBUG product - great acceleration and hill climbability. Want some extra power, then just use a foot kick to give the extra assistance up hills.


It's the perfect little things that make all the difference. You can park your CITYBUG anywhere you want, without having to look for a wall or fence to lean it against. All you have to do is release the fold lever and pull on the handlebar until the underside of the footboard comes into contact with the ground.
- Elegantly parked? your CITYBUG then sits there, waiting for your next ride.
- Arrived at your destination? Your CITYBUG can be carried effortlessly or placed into your car ready for your commute.



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